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Culture Unplugged – International On-Line Film Festival – 2 Ethnographic Films You May View for Free  Click here for more information These films have been reviewed in Sacred Hoops Magazine

Susan Grimaldi and John Lawrence having some fun on Portuguese television Click Here

NEW - CDs are now available to order: "Siqingua, Daur Shaman Ceremonial Chanting" and "Ganbat, Tsaatan Shaman Ceremony from the East Taiga, Mongolia"
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"I was greatly moved and impressed with John and Susan's films 'Tsaatan Shaman Ceremonies of the Reindeer Herders' and 'Siqingua, Daur Shaman'. I felt transported to the vast Mongolian landscape and connected to the healers and ancient ways of knowing. I witnessed rare, extraordinary footage of vanishing nomadic lifeways and never-before-seen shamanic ritual. I recognize the valuable teaching these stories can offer us about how to live sustainably, in harmony with the land in the context of a living, vibrant spiritual cosmology. John and Susan are dedicated ethnographic researchers and deeply caring; they are personally committed to cultural preservation and to reseeding traditional shamanic knowledge in these remote areas. My sense is that their efforts will continue to contribute to an essential revitalization of these traditional cultures for many generations to come. I am honored to bear witness to the positive impact and infusion of hope that Susan and John bring to these communities and to all the work they do." —Ann Amberg, Whidbey Island


Culture Unplugged – International On-Line Film Festival – 2 Ethnographic Films You Can View Online

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An Evening of Mongolian Shamanic Culture", Berkley, CA Jan. 27th, 2014
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See photos of John and Susan at the March 16th Explorers Club dinner
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