People tell me of their suffering.
I listen closely.
While drumming,
I seek a vision of their healing.
Working with guidance,
I seek a wholeness for their soul.

Who is Susan?

Susan Grimaldi is an internationally renowned Native American shaman, based in Montpelier, Vermont. She was born into the Choctaw Nation. At the age of 7 she had Rheumatic Fever and flew out of this world on the wing of an airplane, where she was healed and taught. When she returned she was no longer sick and she was changed. From that time on, she fell into a visionary state easily and had "knowing". Her Choctaw grandmother recognized her as a visionary, and she began teaching Susan. When Susan was 19, she was initiated as a healer and has been called upon to help people since that time.

Her fieldwork has been pivotal for catalyzing the re-emergence of shamanism in China. Her dedication to cultural preservation has led her to the Amazon basin in Brazil and to the most remote northern taigas of Mongolia, where she filmed the shamanic traditions of the nomadic reindeer herders.

She is available for both in-person and long-distance healing sessions.

She is an artist. You are cordially invited to visit Pastels by Susan to see some examples of my work

She is a Field Associate for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, specializing in audio/visual documentation, and I have produced five videos and three CDs:

  • (Video) A remarkable documentary filmed in North China and Inner Mongolia allowing you to experience the living traditions of the Manchu and Mongol people.  The 37 minute film includes an ancient harvest ritual, a ceremony for healing and interviews with shamans.
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    Video Sample
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    • This is a shortened version of "Drums of the Ancestors, Manchu and Mongol Shamanism"  To see the sample video, CLICK HERE

  • "Healing Rituals of Tuvan Shamans" (Video) This 45 minute video shows a divination, several healing rituals, and an explanation of Tuvan healing techniques.
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  • "Tuvan Shamanic Healing" (audio CD) Tuvan Shaman Ai-Churek Oiun learned the ancient art of throat singing directly through her relationship with the drum and the spirits. The drumming style used by Ai-Churek is not typical of Tuvan shamanism and is distinctive to her. This healing ritual was recorded in California during a workshop sponsored by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. A circle of healing, rich in vibratory overtones, is woven by this one female voice, her drum and her dream.
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Susan is a retired Vice President of the non-profit foundation, Native Cultural Alliance, which provides educational programs and health supplies to a district in the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forrest.

Susan's various articles include, "Healing and Trance Dancing in Grenada", "In the Words of the Shaman", and "Shamanic Response to an Allergic Reaction".

Her work was featured in an article in September, 2003 issue of SELF magazine, titled "A New Prescription for Happiness" by Deb Abramson. The section about my practice is called "Shamanic Healing - The Chanting Cure"

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